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Jammin' Java

At Jammin’ Java, we are on a coffee journey.

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Donut Shop Classics

Take your customers back to classic times and great coffee with our Donut Shop brand of gourmet coffee.

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Café Classics

A selection of fine coffees from around the world sure to please any palate.

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Private Label

National Coffee Roasters has the ability to private label your brand with our coffee. Successful coffee wholesalers and retailer have proven that consumers are loyal to a brand they know and trust: yours. People they will often pay more and go out of their way to enjoy branded coffee. Private labeling allows you to keep and grow your own branded identity, and will give leverage in procuring new accounts by offering specialty they can only get from you. This also differentiates you from your competitor.

We can use your existing art work or help you design a new look. We can have your art work turned into eye-spot film for a professional upscale look.

With private label we offer reasonable minimums that will allow you mutiple SKUs for your full coffee line. After your investment in art and plate charges, NCR will buy and manage your film inventory to ensure your orders will always be fulfilled. Our film is made of high-barrier metalized polyester material for a cleaner look, a softer feel and a longer shelf-life. In addition, our fractional packed coffees are nitrogen flushed to 3% oxygen. We will source the finest Arabica coffees and roast them with the same care as if it were our own brand, slow roasted and air cooled, precision ground and packaged immediately after de-gassing for maximum freshness. It’s your brand and it’s our coffee … we both want it to be the best it can be.

National Coffee Roasters can make your private label conversion easy and painless. Whether it is an entire new look, a conversion into one of our stock films or simply an updated look.

Have your design team send us your new art work or work with our team and we will help create a look unique to your business. Product cost (plates, dies, set-up, etc.) will be your responsibility. We will purchase your film stock from your current coffee supplier and have it shipped to our roasting facility, where we will begin producing your coffee for you. We will then create an introductory letter that will go to each case of coffee informing your customers to watch for an exciting new look, so that they become prepared for a change. At this point we will start with new boxes with the current film, and add a second letter, continuing to re-enforce the impending changes. Finally, when your current film runs out we will introduce your new look private label.

You can convert from your current roaster into an established NCR brand, either Café Classics or Donut Shop Classics. We implement the same strategy as above, but move your existing products into our film stock. We buy your film and begin production. We add a sell sheet to the cases so your customers can adjust to the new packaging. Same great coffee, brand new look. We then begin to package our coffee into your current film in our new box with a second letter to announce new film. When your original film runs out we move to the Café Classic or Donut Shop Classics.

You may be happy with your look and have worked hard to promote your name. Major brands update their image on a regular basis, NCR can do the same for you. Along with a branding update we will do the same for your packaging. If you’re using random repeat film we will upgrade you to a single impression per pack look, called eye spot film. We utilize 3 ply film with a metalized polyester barrier for extended shelf life. (along with the fact that oxygen, being a freshness killer, is reduced to less than 3% due to our nitrogen flush).

National Coffee Roasters will work with your company to provide the finest coffee, packaging and marketing programs to ensure your products success. We look forward to being your roasting partner, contact us today to get started.

National Coffee Roasters